Weekly 'quick hits'

Random thoughts from random newsbits seen in the news...

* A school district in Michigan is planning to charge a $35 activity fee to all students to help pay for extracurricular clubs and activities. The state education board is questioning the move, claiming that those who choose not to participate in the activities are unfairly being forced to pay. The irony here is rather amusing.

* A recent study on millionaires reveals that 90% of lottery winners go through their winnings within ten years. Some wipe out in weeks or months. With the possibility of never having to work or worry about bills again, you’d think a few more people would concentrate on setting aside a saving/investment before going on the shopping sprees.

* The same study finds North American millionaires are much more likely to "give to causes they value" than European millionaires. So much for the cowboy greed.

* Anyone else smile a little when learning that the latest Affleck/J.Lo flick – Gigli - bombed at the box office? Speaking of Hollywood, I noticed a book is now available entitled Tales From The Left Coast (by James L. Hirsen), a book that skewers Hollywood and their celebrity politics. I’m thinking of adding it to my list of reading material. Should be worth some laughs.

* Add me to the group of people who are looking forward to the annual Renaissance Festival coming into town. I admit it.

* Did you hear about this? A couple of kids disappeared from Cape Cod, left their family worried to tears, and garnered national attention into the situation. It turns out they simply wanted to change plans, sneak off to Disney World for two weeks, and not tell anyone. Thankfully, they're safe. And thankfully, one of the parents acknowledged that police resources were wasted looking for their wayward teens.

* I truly believe the sun will go through the last chapter of its life cycle, expand into a red giant, and swallow the earth before prolonged peace ever materializes the Middle East.

* Score one for the FBI, with some help from British and Russian intelligence. They nabbed three lowlifes looking to sell some missiles to terrorists inside the U.S. looking to knock some airliners out of the sky.

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