The economics of war

Micha Ghertner discusses the economics of war in relation to the Coase Theorem and game theory. When I read that someone is not 'meta-rational' enough for economic models to work, then I have to conclude that maybe the correct methodology is not being used.

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I'm glad someone in the

I'm glad someone in the blogosphere noticed my article. And as someone who is currently maintaining a balancing act between neo-classical and austrian economics, I agree that "meta-rationality" and "rational ignorance" are funny euphemisms that help us get around the fact that people often don't act according to their "rational" self-interest.

Then again, Tyler Cowen, who wrote the article on which my article is based, considers himself somewhat of an austrian, and he seems to conclude that the mainstream economic models don't lend themselves well to solving the Middle-East conflict.

Micha, That was a very


That was a very well-written article. You ever think about blogging?

I've thought of it, but I

I've thought of it, but I don't have the necessary graphic design skills to make a nice looking blog, nor the fame and notoriety to attract large numbers of readers, nor the patience to start a brand new blog and hope that people notice it.