'Volunteer' program needs $100 million 'infusion'

How anyone can call a federal program that pays its 50,000 part-time employees $4725 per year and runs a budget of hundreds of millions of dollars taken by force from the American public a 'volunteer' program with a straight face is beyond my understanding.

In fact, the best and most idealistic members of this generation are the ones who will feel most betrayed. Preventing this is within Washington's power ? and $100 million is, relatively speaking, a paltry amount to pay for keeping alive the volunteer spirit of the youth of this country.

Such a gross bastardization of the English language only serves one purpose - the justification for Leviathan growing even bigger than it already is.

Pretty soon, welfare will be called 'tax cuts for the poor' and restaurants will be called 'public property'. Er, wait a minute...

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