The culture at NASA

An investigator of the space shuttle Columbia disaster warns that the culture at NASA needs a dramatic change to prevent future tragedies.

The "same faulty reasoning" that led to the 1986 Challenger accident also led to Columbia, said Douglas Osheroff, one of the 13 board members wrapping up the report on the Columbia accident.

"No matter how good the report looks, if we don't do something to change the way NASA makes its decisions, I would say that we will have been whistling in the wind," Osheroff told The Associated Press in a telephone interview this week. [...]

"Look, I think it's been clear for a long time that what has to change is not NASA's policies and procedures or management structure. I suppose they have to change as well, but it's culture," he said. "Culture is a very funny thing, of course. It is the way people intuitively behave to a situation."

I've got an idea that might change the culture at NASA: competition.

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