House approves lower-cost drug imports

On one side, Rep. Dan Burton (R):

"It's not about safety, it's about money," said conservative Rep. Dan Burton, R-Ind., practically hissing the word. "There's a woman ... who's dying of breast cancer," he added. "... How do you tell her when she goes to buy tamoxifen that she can't afford it but she could go right across the border to Canada and get it for one sixth or one seventh the cost."

On the other side, Rep. John Dingle (D):

"The country is going to be flooded with unsafe pharmaceutical counterfeits, over-age pharmaceuticals, pharmaceuticals that don't preserve and protect the safety of our citizens," countered Rep. John Dingell, a Michigan Democrat who has long worked on drug issues.

Further proof that there is very little difference between Republicans and Democrats these days.

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Explain. Burton talks about

Explain. Burton talks about costs, while Dingle talks about safety. I'm missing something.

Poor wording on my part. I

Poor wording on my part. I meant that both are missing the real thrust of the issue - the fact that Canadians and the rest of Europe are essentially acting as 'free-riders' getting drugs at near marginal cost while Americans pay for the bulk of the fixed costs associated with R&D. I'm not sure whether this legislation is good or bad. What do you do when another govt imposing socialism on American companies?

Respond with more socialism?