Apologies for the Aesthetics

A chain of events starting with a new browser making the blog look 'odd' to me at work led to my fiddling with font sizes, which led to the dates going screwy, which led to my bright idea of reloading a backup- which was out of date, which leads us to today's aesthetic mishmash of yesterdays and today's templates.

The morals of the story are: 1) don't try and fix what you didn't make in the first place, 2) don't code without a net, 3) ala Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer, this proves once again that, for me at least, "your 'internet' and 'html' is scary and confusing, my primitive brain can't grasp it." Of course, I do know that my client deserves to be compensated for at least $2 mil for mental anguish.

At any rate, hopefully we can get things under control (and ban me from the template/stylesheet controls) in a bit.

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