American essence

One of the themes of this blog that I like to emphasize is the difference between society and state. Thomas Paine wrote eloquently about this crucial distinction, and the large part of viewing the world through the liberal meta-context is in recognizing it.

Thus, I offer Bill Whittle's latest essay. He has a gift like no other to capture America. Not the United States, but the civil society called America. Convertibles, optimism, Fleetwood Mac, freedom, Cool Ranch Doritos, big sky country, Normandy, entrepreneurism,...

Trinity, part 1
Trinity, part 2

The essay is long but worth the read.

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I like and admire Bill

I like and admire Bill Whittle's essays but they are waaaaayyyy too long. Needs a bit of editing.

Keep up the good work. Your site design is very good.

Bests from one of the Samizdata crew

Jonathan, Thanks for the

Thanks for the kind words. We take after the best(Samizdata). Yeah, Bill Whittle's essay are very long, but I think the little anecdotes and meandering method adds to the style.