Transport Blog: goals

Patrick Crozier lays out some ambitious goals for Transport Blog:

Our discussion also made me realise that I want Transport Blog to be a lot bigger both in terms of readership and writership. What if a posting on, say, air conditioning on the London Underground could touch off a flood of informed comments from around the world? With, perhaps some people discussing the origins of the system and others talking about the engineering issues and others talking about the situation around the world and others saying: "Well, it's all too expensive and anyway, other people's sweat is good for you."

And what if, because it was the place where all the interesting debates took place, Transport Blog could become the first thing that transport professionals and enthusiasts around the world turn to in the morning? And could we develop a social side to this? There are stacks of people who have e-mailed me or commented over the last year or so who I would love to meet in the flesh.

I appreciate ambition, setting goals, and realizing the power of the internet, so go visit Transport blog and make it the best transport-related website on the planet.

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Hear! Hear!

Hear! Hear!