Does money grow on Washington?

A column today by Nicholas Kristoff in the NY Times demonstrates the common belief among many that Washington DC is some sort of magical fountain of money to be distributed to the masses.

Across the nation, state and local leaders have been forced to slash more than $100 billion in spending, laying off thousands of employees, cutting off health insurance for roughly one million people, and lowering America's standard of living. Washington is not just aloof from the pain out here in real America, but is making matters worse.

People across America will pay the price for Washington's indifference in lower-quality schools, fewer chances to go to college, less police protection and diminished medical care.

Kristoff views the Federal government as some sort of repository of 'resources' which if kept from the public at large would result in the downfall of American civilization. He fails to make any sort of meaningful distinction between state and society. It never occurs to him that perhaps individuals being able to keep their own property to pursue their own ends would lead to a more vibrant civilization than a system in which the fixed-sum economics of coerced interactions dominate.

Where does he think the money in Washington comes from?

And how can you ever reach someone with this mindset?

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