Grosse Pointe Blank

Grosse Pointe, a suburb of Detroit, restricts its parks to only residents of the city (unless non-residents are brought in as guests), and is also used as a selling point to draw people into moving into the city. The public city parks are maintained and funded by hefty property taxes on the residents of Grosse Pointe.

The state of Michigan contends that the definition of 'public', in this sense, would imply that anyone should and could use the parks. Anything less, they say, would make the park 'private' and are subject to state taxation.

Proponents of the ‘residents-only’ side complain that the city residents would now be charged double taxation for the parks. And, after all, since the parks are funded by X, then X should call the shots on who has access to the parks.

Opponents have sided with the state, demanding all access to the lakeside parks. Some opponents in nearby predominately-black Detroit have even charged that predominately-white Grosse Pointe keeps its parks 'private' to keep out minorities.

The headline in the article is misleading. The park can’t technically be "private" in the purest sense of the word. Everyone in Grosse Pointe is paying a fee for the upkeep of the park without choice, meaning that even those who don't wish to subsidize the city parks must also pay. So therefore, it is still a public city park.

Perhaps the silliest quote in the story was by a county commissioner, who stated:

"For (Grosse Point residents) to deprive Detroit and the county of their taxes is really unfortunate."

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I didn't see anywhere where

I didn't see anywhere where it actually mentions who owns the land the parks are on. If it is the state or federal govt, then probably they should allow anyone to enter.

I would imagine the land is

I would imagine the land is owned and operated by the city.

I think a compromising gesture that could be undertaken by Grosse Pointe is to simply charge a nominal entrance fee for any non-resident who wants to enter (rather than simply ban non-residents). Something like $4 per car, for instance.

All the parks in the Grosse

All the parks in the Grosse Pointe were private land "gifted" to each of the cities. Some actually have restrictions, one in particular states that no items may be sold within the park, or the propert will revert back to the original owners. Another was willed by Mrs. edsel Ford, for the sole purpose of establishing a park for the members of a certain community.