The credit card binge

Evidently, upon leaving the parents' home to go to college, kids are getting worse in keeping a level head with credit cards and plunging into debt.

"The vast majority of students graduating from high school are ill-prepared to face even the basic challenges of financial management -- credit cards, car loans -- even how to budget," said Kim Kindschi, deputy executive vice president of Wisconsin Bankers Association in Madison.

Forget for a moment that such 'real world' financial management should be taught at schools, perhaps in lieu of running around in circles in gym class. However, before packing up their college-aged kids' cars for school, parents certainly need to instruct their kids about the basics of money management and personal responsibility. After all, most kids have had few, if any, bills to pay growing up at home. Food, clothing, shelter, and most entertainment are paid for by the parental money tree, with little knowledge of budgeting and sacrificing.

No doubt, upon reading articles such as these, there are likely many out there blaming the credit card companies for "forcing" their applications upon fragile college kids. The same individuals blaming Big Macs and cigarettes for leaping into the mouths of impressionable youths uninvited.

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I'm not going to blame the

I'm not going to blame the credit card companies for kids screwing up their credit rating, but I do question the school administrations' decision to allow the credit card companies to set up booths at orientation and sporting events and offer official school accessories (i.e. t-shirts) while making a profit on the whole deal.

It's another one of those things that aren't enough to make you want to go to another school but still question the integrity of the administrators.

Perhaps the best advice for parents is to tell their kids to get summer jobs while in high school and to pay for expenses such as car insurance.