Important sayings

Northern Virginia public schools will have to make room for, and unearth copies of, that esoteric document known in extremist circles as the
'Bill of Rights' in response to new legislation.

``Back in our legislative package we said we would prefer not to have postings," said Arlington School Board member Elaine Furlow. ``But if that is the law we will abide by it, then get back to our business."

Some Alexandria School Board members were less circumspect.

``I think the legislature would do well to look for ways to help fund the Standards of Quality in Virginia rather than play around with these nonhelpful, nonfunctional postings," said Alexandria Board member Mary ``Molly" Danforth.

That board directed its staff to put up the postings but narrowly defeated a motion to make the state law part of the school system's policy.

Brink said the Charlottesville-based Virginia Department for the Humanities, a private nonprofit, has agreed to provide an 18-by-24 inch poster for each school. The posters will be distributed to school systems through the state department of education.

But local school districts Monday had not heard from state officials and were working to provide the postings themselves.

``I'm gonna do a little bit of research on the Web to see where I can find some nice copies of the Bill of Rights," said Lois Berlin, Alexandria assistant superintendent for instruction.

The postings will likely go next to the national motto, she said, which was placed on bulletin boards or marquees near the front of each school.

``Who knows what they will dream of next," Berlin said. ``Maybe we will have a wall of slogans, or of sayings. Important sayings."

I hope they don't waste too many resources finding a copy of it. After all, schools have important things to teach.

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I hate this page it don't

I hate this page it don't make any sense to me at all, I maybe only 16, but I'm alot smarter not to talk about school cause school sucks, if you don't like my comment, well, you can just go to hell for all I care!