As a former collegiate anime club president at Virginia Tech, I found it deeply amusing that the over at Steven Den Beste's site, a site known in the past year as a rather hard-hitting military & geopolitical affairs blog (as well as deep thought on engineering), the latest entry is on fanservice in anime, which is basically animated T&A you throw into your work to please the fans (hence the name).

And speaking of Aika, I can vouch for it having perhaps the highest ratio of fanservice per minute of any anime I've come across (that wasn't, of course, blatantly pornographic). It's so ridiculous it crosses over into the sublime, interesting and amusing because it's so blatant and over the top. Although, I wouldn't go so far as to recommend it to anyone...

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"Panties! Glorious panties!"

"Panties! Glorious panties!"

Hey Brian! Linked to on

Hey Brian! Linked to on Steve denBeste's site - quite a coup! I was relieved as hell to make it to the end of his post and realize that he gets the joke (well, maybe)...

Sweet! Good to see you here

Sweet! Good to see you here Alex, didn't know you cruised my end of the blogosphere. ^_^