McDonald's and the lawsuit merry-go-round

Seems after being held blame for forcing people to enter their restaurants and consume their food, McDonald's seems intent on entering the business of frivolous lawsuits.

Last month, it was announced that McDonald's is suing a Milan food critic for $25 million, claiming a poor review is hurting their business. Fortunately, critical words of fast food will likely not be enough to award the restaurant chain a dime. That's what critics do... criticize.

Food critic Raspelli commenting on the lawsuit aimed at him:

To me this looks like the usual, very American effort to destroy criticism and destroy people ... I didn't defame anybody, not even their French fries.

Very American? Well, evidently it's not solely an American trait...

McDonald's has become the target of anti-American boycotts in Europe and elsewhere among those who see it as a symbol of "Yankee greed" or a threat to local culture.

Seems like every country has their segment who simply cannot differentiate between private commerce and government.

Even more concerning, there seems to be a number of people who have no grasp of economics, or supply and demand. For once and for all, there is no such thing as cultural imperialism. There is no 'threat'. McDonald's only exists because the local populace demands it. If everyone stopped buying hamburgers, McDonald's curls up and goes home. If everyone refused to enter a Starbucks, Starbucks would have a short life-span. The same mentality took root in Detroit during the 1980s when Japan was to 'blame' for an increase in vehicle sales in the United States.

The idea that 'Yankee businesses' are holding a consumer base hostage only proves the theory of personal responsibility deflection even moreso, whether it is an obese American teenager blaming the drive-through worker for their weight, or European media columnists equating McDonald's patrons as mindless robotic drones unable to help themselves.

And evidently, Ronald McDonald and the US military are in bed together.

The war in Iraq has exacerbated ill will. German protesters of the war in Iraq carried banners earlier this year reading, "McDonald's sells Happy Meals to finance the war." Antiwar protestors in London destroyed a McDonald's site during a May Day demonstration.

McDonald's managers dispatched troops to Iraq? Who knew? This ranks somewhere between boycotting Michelin tires because of Chirac and blaming SUV drivers for financing terrorism.

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