Kalifornia Recall

Speaking of Arnold, the recall movement in California is moving forward, and seems to have enough petition signatures to get the recall on the ballot. Current polls indicate about 60% of registered voters want the Govenor removed from office. Gov. Gray Davis is the poster child for anarchy, hell even total chaos might be preferable to a Davis government. He is a corrupt, lying, parasitic, ... well let's just say he is a politician's politician. The only reason he was re-elected was that the Republocrats (or was it the Demicans? I always get the two confused) couldn't find a candidate that didn't shoot himself in the foot every time he opened his mouth.

Where does Arnold fit in all of this? Simple, if the recall is successful Arnold may run for the office, and he is the hands down favorite. If Arnold runs, I will lose a bit of respect for him (I just have a tough time respecting a politician), but he is much better than most California politicians. He seems to have a respect for free-markets that is otherwise missing out here on the left coast.

If you are in California or any other recall state, recall early and often! Your politicians deserve nothing better.

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