What's happening in Iraq?

I keep hearing different things about what is really happening in Iraq.
This USAToday story would seem to indicate that all is chaos and criminals run rampant. Meanwhile, this Reuters story indicates that things are going great in Iraq.

A closer read of the first article places the reporter's credibility in doubt as he seems to refer to every trade situation as part of the "black market" and associates this market with lawlessness. In addition, the two articles contradict each other on the macro-economic situation. The USAToday article says, "Rampant unemployment and inflation make participation in the underground economy a necessity for many Iraqis" ,while the Reuter's report says,"Battered by decades of hyperinflation, Iraqis have gone on a shopping spree now that prices have fallen sharply." which indicates deflation. So what is actually happening?

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It seems like the guy

It seems like the guy writing the USA Today article is failing to make distinctions between voluntary associations (what he calls the 'black market') and involuntary associations (kidnapping, etc.).

I keep going to different

I keep going to different websites and seeing that the war in Iraq is good and some say that it's bad. It's really starting to scare me, because my brother is going to leave in 11 days (Sept. 16). I don't want him hurt, but all he is saying is that he might not come back and he will miss us. That's really how I feel about the war, and that it really shouldn't be going on. They could try to have a peace agreement or something like that. It's really stupid, or so I believe.

WMD in Iraq does not mean

WMD in Iraq does not mean Weapons of Mass Destruction, its Wealthy Money Destination.

Hope America won the war & enjoying the wealth of Iraq. Afterall it worth some 10 Americans and 10 Million Iraqies...

well i have 100% trust in

well i have 100% trust in america.. What they are doing is right, at lease thats what i think..-_-*_*^.^-.-^_^

I think that the U.S.A

I think that the U.S.A should take over iraq because we can give them freedom\

i think that we have no

i think that we have no business being over there anymore. this is now the second time my boyfriend has been sent over there. he has already had to put his life at risk once and i dont think he needs to again. and im sure other woman and men feel the same.

It is in my opinion that

It is in my opinion that what is going on in Iraq is none of our business. The army should have done what it set out to do initially and that was to find Osama Bin Laden...they should not have to rebuild Iraq. The Iraquis don't want us there anymore than we want to be there. Get Osama and get out..i know its a lot easier said than done..but try it..it just might save some lives.

Sarah, It will be difficult


It will be difficult for the U.S soldiers in Iraq to find Osama bin Laden, since he has never been to Iraq.

But your mistake highlights the fact that while American troops are turning Iraq into a haven for terrorists, Osama bin Laden is still free somewhere in either Afghanistan or Pakistan.

People should be asking why the President decided to invade Iraq instead of fighting the terrorists who actually committed the crimes on 9/11.