This is an interesting article about the potential for abuse of technology, in this case GPS and radio. The authors mention the potential for abuse by governments, but seem more intent on the abuse by individuals and the 'cure' being implemented by governments. In a Rothbardian free society the potential for abuse would be extremely small.

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when telephones were first

when telephones were first introduced many folks refused to get one because it was feared the government would use the phones to monitor if you were home or not. Now cell phones/geoslavery have the same potential but I don't think it makes a difference.

The girl killed by her family because she went to the movies without permission was going to die anyway. The technology is just a tool. An abusive husband is going to beat his wife whether he has a reason to or not.

Many folks argued against

Many folks argued against socialist's security err social security numbers because they were afraid they'd be used by the government to track all sorts of things about each person. They were right.

There is a lot of good that can come from the technology, the real problem is that there are politicians and government security bureaucrats who would love to track individuals. In a free society, this is not a problem as abuses of the technology become increasingly expensive for the abuser.