Gephardt vows to flout the Supreme Court

In yet another gem of idiocy which is turning into a regular feature among Democratic presidential hopefuls (declared or undeclared, in the case of Gen. Clark), Dick Gephardt recently declared that "[w]hen I'm president, we'll do executive orders to overcome any wrong thing the Supreme Court does tomorrow or any other day[.]"

So, adding to the list, we have one that thinks the US was founded on the principle of progressive taxation, one that thinks President Bush is an extreme libertarian, and now one that says that whenever the Supreme Court does something he does like (does "any wrong thing"), he'll ignore it via executive fiat.

The first is just historical ignorance, the second is plain stupidity, but the third is actually malign character. Its as though the shade of President Jackson is being channeled, and at any moment Dick will come out and say "let the Supreme Court enforce their decision"- Jackson's famous taunt referring to the fact that he commanded the army, and the Supreme Court didn't.

And, apparently, from the C-SPAN feed, Rep. Dennis Kucinich agreed (or, rather, that candidate Kucinich brought up 'executive nullification/rule by decree' first, and Gephardt agreed- note to Kucinich camp: your PR stinks)

So much for the 'Great Libertarian Hope' of the Democratic party. One of the big problems of Bush II is his insistence on effectively suspending habeas corpus for anyone his administration deems as an 'enemy combatant'- therefore flouting constitutional controls and essentially acting as an 18th century autocrat ruling by personal decree (the state wills it, so you disappear into the security apparat).

So, I wonder, how is it that the party that is supposed to 'save us' from the civil liberty depriving Bush admin, has within its ranks two candidates for the job of Savior that wholeheartedly support an imperial, autocratic executive? The root problem is the same, just with different objectives, which seems to be the problem in general between the two parties.

That's not salvation, that's simply another master coming by and saying "we've got nicer chains."

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I can't believe how ignorant

I can't believe how ignorant some of these statements are. These guys want to be President?!?!