Harry Potter has done me in

I finally succumbed to peer pressure and began reading the Harry Potter series, and I must say that yes, the hype is correct and they're excellent page-turners so far. I have just completed The Chamber of Secrets, and now move on into unspoiled territory with The Prisoner of Azkaban. Unspoiledness is kind of a treat, as when I was reading both the first and second books, at some points I grew impatient since I knew what was going to happen (of course, still enjoying it along the way). Now, I have the luxury of it all being new, without movie sets and scenes to compare. Being that I will most likely finish books 3-5 before Movie 3 comes out, it will be interesting to see the movie knowing the story beforehand for a change.

A thing that bugs me in a completely trivial way about the Potterverse is that it kind of plays fast and loose with exactly how the wizard world fits into the Muggle world (modern Britain). At some times, it seems that they're essentially a tangential world with links to the modern (ala Diagon Alley and platform at King's Cross between #9 and #10), but other times it seems that she (Rowling) is playing with the "hiding in plain sight" motif (suggesting, for example, that the Weasley's house is near a rural English Muggle village, and they have to be careful to avoid obvious use of magic), which makes less sense. Especially since she also wants to have it so that Mr. Weasley, who's specializes in Muggle Artifacts and such, seems to know next to nothing about the modern world (marveling at Telephones and Escalators, for crying out loud). Its a silly inconsistency that is forgotten once they're at Hogwarts (which seems to be completely removed from the muggleverse), and only a concern to someone like me who thinks too much about trivialities. Although I do wish she'd clarify that at some point (just what the critical distinction is between the wizard world and the muggle world).

But, like college football expansion, Harry has been distracting me these past few days as well, and is hence my blogging undoing... (heh)

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Ah, glad to hear you are

Ah, glad to hear you are reading these. I'm sure you were pressured by the same force that pressured me... women..

Prisoner of Azkaban is my favorite and I'm glad you're getting to go in without movies in the back of yer head.. that would have driven me nuts.