Blogging symposium

There is an interesting transcript of a question/answer symposium on blogs and the media that was sponsored by ANWFA which included Ryan Pitts, Ken Layne, Jeff Jarvis, and Joanne Jacobs on Kevin Holtsberry's blog. [via Joanne Jacobs]

Ken: I know how to get a ton of traffic: post a lot of crazy stuff about monkeys, voodoo, weird crime & other oddities. We learned this doing in the 1990s, and back when a significantly smaller percentage of Americans were online -- say, 1997 -- we had 100,000-visitor days on a regular basis.

We also worked 17 hours a day & didn't make any money to speak of, so I no longer believe a lot of traffic is the key to the kingdom.

Getting a lot of regular traffic takes hard work. Glenn Reynolds is smart & funny & writes well & has interesting views, but more than all of that he's a hard worker. He posts like a crazy man. I love going to his site in the morning to see how much stuff he posted on a dozen topics.

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Hint hint, eh? ^_^

Hint hint, eh? ^_^

BTW, ANWFA stands for "A

BTW, ANWFA stands for "A Nickle's Worth of Free Advice" which is the current title of my web page.

Oh. I was wondering what

Oh. I was wondering what that was.