The first libertarian president?

(via Unqualified Offerings, via Hit & Run)

Ron Bailey informs us of another positively brilliant national Democrat gracing us with his wisdom- this time, instead of the erudite Gen. Clark, its John Kerry, telling us the true nature of George W. Bush:

Democratic presidential hopeful John Kerry is quoted in June 16 & 23 issue of The New Yorker as saying, "The Bush Administration agenda isn't conservative Republicanism, and it's not radical Republicanism--it's extreme libertarianism."

Who knew we already had the first libertarian president? Why, next thing you know he'll be getting rid of tariffs (oops & oops), strengthening habeas corpus protections (oops), legalizing pot (oops), and eliminating redundant and unnecessary federal departments and bureaucracies (oops).

One has to wonder, as Ron has, if 'libertarian' is now the left's code word for "a demonizing term that is the moral equivalent to 'card carrying ACLU member' for Republicans?"

I suppose we're doing a measure of good if we (libertarians) are simultaneously demonized by Democrats while our ideological descriptor 'libertarian' is being co-opted by 'democratic socialists'. One imagines that if we're so terrifying to both the right and the left, we should be having some sort of political success any day now...

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Wow, it's absolutely clear

Wow, it's absolutely clear Kerry has little idea what he's talking about. Bush's agenda being "extreme libertarian"? I can think of some others in the GOP that espouse plenty of libertarian viewpoints (Representative Ron Paul comes to mind). But GWB?

If John Kerry is that

If John Kerry is that stupid, then I hope for the sake of the USA that he doesn't get within a mile of the White House. What an idiot.

George W. Bush may be many things, but an "extreme libertarian"?

er, how would a libertarian favour:
The Patriot Act;
farm subsidies
Steel tariffs
runaway domestic spending