Bounty hunters face jail time for kidnapping

The Andrew Luster story has been all over the news lately. Briefly, he is the rich heir of a cosmetics mogul who was sentenced to life in jail (in absentia) for raping multiple women by poisoning their drinks with the drug GHB. He fled to Mexico where bounty hunters finally caught up with him yesterday. The part of the story that is most interesting is that the bounty hunters, along with Luster, were subsequently caught by Mexican police, and now bounty hunter Duane "Dog" Chapman faces 20 years in Mexico for kidnapping. Chapman, who has his own website here, is currently being held by Mexican authorities.

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Breaking the law in Mexico

Breaking the law in Mexico isn't a good sign for the bounty hunters. I'd say, legally, it probably *is* indistinguishable from kidnapping. On the other hand, with Mexico admitting that the person they were after is a felon and extraditing him, it's hard to see why they should throw the book at the guys.

I'd say it's a lesson to folk who want to go across borders for this sort of work, to try and seek approval beforehand- or else don't get caught.