Shock jocks dupe Castro

A pair of Miami DJs were apparently successful in a prank phone call to Cuban totalitarian Fidel Castro. Also using snippets of Chavez, the DJs were able to convince Castro that it was Venezuelan President Chavez talking to him. The 'money line' was when one of the DJs tore into Castro, calling him a murderer. At that point, Castro lost it and called him every name in the book. Pretty funny.

This reminds me of that satirical article in the Onion reporting that Congress (much like a major-league sports team) was threatening to leave the Capitol for another city, even Toronto, unless a new one was built with a retractable dome. A major newspaper in China reported it as truth.

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perfect prank call to

perfect prank call to animate on Crank Yankers!

glad to expose that jerkoff for who he really is.

That's hilarious. I wonder

That's hilarious. I wonder if the audio can be found anywhere.

Yea, of course the audio

Yea, of course the audio will be en espa?ol it'll still be funny to hear him lose his rag.

Mark, That link isn't

That link isn't working (for me).