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Bill O'Reilly should know better. There was once a time when Foxnews was a newcomer to the media landscape. The established networks blew off Foxnews' threat and very few expected it to succeed. But it surprised everyone and took away CNN and MSNBC viewers and became a force. They did it by filling a niche for viewers who were tired of the constant liberal flavor of other media, and by bringing in fresh voices like Bill O'Reilly who wouldn't kowtow to soft accusations and would actually challenge their guests. Of course, Foxnews' competitors responded by demonizing Foxnews as irresponsible lackeys for the right and painting its viewers as unsophisticated louts.

Now that the internet is gaining market share in news dissemination by using novel formats such as blogs, and by offering perspectives you just don't find on television, Bill O'Reilly has taken to sounding much like his critics. [via Hit and Run]

The reason these net people get away with all kinds of stuff is that they work for no one. They put stuff up with no restraints. This, of course, is dangerous, but it symbolizes what the Internet is becoming.[...]

So all over the country, we have people posting the most vile stuff imaginable, hiding behind high tech capabilities. Sometimes the violators are punished, but most are not. We have now have teenagers ruining the reputations of their peers in schools on the Internet. Ideologues accusing public officials of the worst things imaginable. And creeps gossiping about celebrities in the crudest of ways.[...]

These small time hit and run operators on the net, however, can traffic in perversity and falsehoods all day long with impunity. It's almost impossible to rein them in.

So which is the bigger threat to America? The big companies or the criminals at the computer? Interesting question.[...]

Is that really the question? Or is the question - Why does Bill O'Reilly feel the need to demonize the internet much as Foxnews is demonized by other media?

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Definitely B.O.'s most

Definitely B.O.'s most barbarically ignorant rant to date.