Val on racial discrimination

Val has written about racial preferences and the upcoming US Supreme Court hearing on the University of Michigan's admissions policies.

Back to our country. Why, if helping minorities is the goal of affirmative action and race preferences in colleges and universities in America, only blacks and Hispanics need apply? Why negate it to the myriad of races and ethnicities so scrupulously listed by our government agencies? I can see white guilt over black enslavement as the motor of what Shelby Steele calls the black ?culture of preference,? but is there a rationale for affirmative action for Hispanics in this country? I believe there can?t be any. If the fate of Hispanics in America is seen as payback for the supposed generalized racism of Americans, then it is inescapable that all other races and ethnicities should also have a seat at the absurd grievance party. Since that would be materially impossible, what is the real reason then? Isn?t it to keep Hispanics just as dependent as blacks and as a secure voting block?

He also gives us some interesting information about his background as an immigrant to the United States and his feelings toward racial discrimination, both the illegal kind and the legal kind.

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