Stateless communism?

I ran across a post over at Deinonychus on the topic of "Stateless Communism", where he notes that a commenter on DU writes:

All the same -- I do think that the problem of a decentralized, stateless mechanism for resource allocation to acheive the ideal of communism is unsolved. Unsolved does not mean insoluble, but -- to be shatterproof, the mechanism would have to have the property economists call "incentive compatibility."

Hmm. A decentralized, stateless mechanism for resource allocation, eh? I think
our commenter is in luck! Just such a mechanism exists, and was invented over 6000 years ago- its called the market, using the price system to send signals to traders and producers alike, not just in one small area, but worldwide. Huzzah! The extended catallaxy solves the problem!

Of course, the catallaxy does turn the old communist adage on its head, such that "From everyone according to their need, to everyone according to their ability"- in that people who want or need to consume more must work harder, and each individual will be compensated in rough accordance with their ability to complete the task at which they work.

As for the Marxist gobbledygook at the end, a market order already works to align incentives correctly- self interest is chained to common good via the price system and market discipline (if nobody likes your services, nobody buys your services, and thus you must change your service to fit the needs of others if you wish to survive).

So aside from a desire to revolt against nature (which is unequal) and impose a wholly artificial and irrational egalitarianism, the ideal longed for already exists...

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