Mobile bioweapons lab, or hydrogen generators?

(Via Deinonychus)

It occurs to me that the current counter-explanation for the alleged mobile bioweapon labs-- that they are hydrogen generators to make balloon targets for artillery-- seems to me to be a little, well, nuts.

Fermenting something requires water, nutrients, bacteria, and a power source (and a lot of it). You have to keep water at greater than 32C for hours/days (depending on if it is bacteria or yeast), which requires a lot of energy, and the end result of fermentation is rarely pure hydrogen gas; its rarely hydrogen at all, but rather methane or H2S gas, or alcohol.

So anything wafting off such a noxious fermenting brew would have to be further chemically modified to yield lighter-than-air gas. So, tack on even MORE energy.

Which, when you consider that the way people make hydrogen gas is by passing electricity through ordinary water, makes little to no sense at all.

So if you think these mobile labs were hydrogen producing facilities, you have to believe that the Iraqis were even stupider than many people thought, or you have to be delusional.

If there are fermenters present, they're cooking up microbes, period. If there are just tanks with big anodes and cathode relays and a source of water, then you might have a hydrogen generator.

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why would the Iraqi military

why would the Iraqi military need to make targets for their weapons when they already have their own people?

The US knows that Iraq had the WMD because we gave it to them in the 80's to fight Iran. Why did we do that? American Embassy hostages, blah blah, whole separate thread.

The US did no such thing.

The US did no such thing. Iraq was armed by France and the Soviet Union.

Brazil sold more weaponry to Iraq than the US and UK combined.

Yes, the US was friendly to Saddam because he was a counterweight to Iranian expansionism (if Saddam hadn't started it, there's no guarantee that Khomenei wouldn't have at some point- after all, the rhetoric of the revolution was to export it). But we didn't give Saddam WMD to use against Iran, he did that on his own (or, rather, with extensive French, German, and Soviet help).

You hit it on the head....

You hit it on the head.... to believe that those bioweapons labs were "hydrogen generators" you have to be delusional.. self delusional, maybe. More accurately, you have to be in DENIAL... and it boils down to this; it's all political. At this point in time, after having seen all the evidence of what Saddam Hussein HAS done in the past (since gulf war I), to claim that he didn't have WMD could only be explained by political hatred of the current administration in this country; hatred SO deep, and SO contemptable, that no matter WHAT reality contains, you would deny it just to stand against them.

It's a damn good thing the Bush administration hasn't made the statement that "suicide is a poor decision" because you'd have countless thousands of leftist die hard liberals slashing thier own throats to prove otherwise.

Then again....... heh....