Kids do the darnedest things!

Maybe it's summer fever. Maybe it's graduation or end of the school year. But whatever it is, I noticed a couple of kids-gone-wild stories in the Southeast Michigan newsbriefs today. One involved a 17-year-old honor roll student, who was already offered a college scholarship, deciding to hold up a McDonalds for a few bucks. Good thing for drive-through headsets, or it would've taken a few more days to catch these hooligans.

In addition, a few kids at a Saginaw high school figured that passing out laxative-laced doughnuts at their high school would be a fun idea. Too bad explusion may be their reward.

The choices made by these individuals will certainly lead to some sort of punishment. Afterwards, there could be a chance that employers may be hesitant to hire them. Colleges won't be so eager to throw state-funded scholarship money their way. It may take a while for them to shake this stigma attached to them.

Certainly no one would, or should, suggest that they should never be forgiven for these mistakes. But this brings into light the topic of personal responsibility, and the consequences of intentional choices made throughout life. If, down the road, these kids find that landing a college invitation or job interview may be a little tougher compared to other kids, will people in their circles (peers, parents, friends) blame 'society' for their woes? Or will they blame their own decision-making? Will their parents bear any of the responsibility?

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Irresponsible people will

Irresponsible people will never take responsibility for their actions.

What angers me more is that in some cases the parents make the situation worse. A few months ago FoxNews was running a story about a school teacher that caught several students cheating and gave them an F for the class instead of expelling them. The parents of the cheating kids fought bitterly to change the failing grades and allow the kids to retake the test as if the incident never happened.

I couldn't think of a worse lesson the parents could have taught their kids. Who says the parents know what's best for their children! ;-)