Mises Institute en fuego

The Mises Institute has been absolutely on fire this week. Earlier in the week was Christopher Mayer's article on universal health care that was discussed below.

Following it is Frank Shostak's article on the recent upswing in the stock market. Shostak is one of the best writers at linking the methodological individualism of fundamental praxeology with macro implications of Austrian Business Cycle Theory (ABCT) through artificial manipulations of the money supply.

Then Gene Callahan answers some questions on the implications of human action. Callahan is the author of Economics for Real People, which is probably the best introductory book to Austrian economics that I have read.

And to round out the week, J?rg Guido H?lsmann exposes some myths about the dirtiest word in economics - deflation. Deflation is one of the most misunderstood phenomena among the lay public, not to mention professional economists. If the standard of living is to improve, prices have to drop relative to wages. Yet, this process is either feared outright, or seen as necessarily coupled with accompanying unfavorable outcomes, and intervention is taken. It doesn't have to be like that.

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