More on Spontaneous Order

Over at OxBlog I found a good post from last year on spontaneous order (kosmos) vs. directed order (taxis), where an admitted conservative steps up to the plate to say that it is not a contradiction in terms to "organize for anarchy":

arkhos is only one type of order -- it is taxis. There is nothing absurd about civil society (kosmos) without government (arkhos) -- it may be naive, but it is not absurd (i.e., it is not self-evidently a contradiction in terms, the way a "group orgy at a pro-monogamy event" would be). That is to say, there is nothing absurd about people organizing in favor of anarchy. What they are doing is stating a preference for absolute kosmos with no taxis. Again, I think this preference is folly. I think that it is neither possible nor desirable to do away with all taxis. I am not an anarchist.

But I do want people to recognize that kosmos plays a much larger and more important role in our lives than does taxis. This realization will help us think about a whole host of problems in a much more productive light.

Too often libertarians get the "utopian" and "anarchist" slurs from conservatives as though the only thing making society work is the constant intervention of government. Three cheers to the OxBlog conservatives that can at least see a distinction between society and government.

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