A true head scratcher

There is an entry over at Daily Kos which shows how much the national debt has increased under Bush. This by itself is a not all that unusual and even makes a good point. However, in the comments section, I noticed this posting:

Remember the debt clock that ran around the building in Times Square in the 80's? We continued to watch it go down in the 90's. It then was unplugged when Clinton's policies were put into effect eliminated the debt. We should revise the clock in campaign ads. Perhaps they could run at the bottom of the screen. Surely, some immaginative Ad person could come up with an idea to get it across to the American people.

Posted by Lindsay at June 13, 2003 03:58 AM

Where do they get this stuff?

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Clinton's policies my

Clinton's policies my ass!

Anyway I would like to see the pre and post-Sept 11th numbers before analyzing it further.

Speaking of ads, here is a cool one from Honda. No special effects or computer animation. It did however take 606 attempts.