Sullum on Da Ali G Show

Jacob Sullum has a funny article at Reason about Da Ali G Show.

The genius of Cohen?s approach is that he accomplishes more as a moron than he could as a smartass, lampooning the vacuity of talking head TV and startling his guests into dropping their sound bites. Comedy Central?s Daily Show (the only newscast I regularly watch) often attempts something similar, with correspondents asking deliberately inane or off-the-wall questions, but the interviewees are rarely famous and their typical response is a blank stare. Cohen strings his guests along much further than The Daily Show usually does, and he has managed to arrange interviews with an impressive list of public figures, including former Attorney General Ed Meese (who performs a rap), former National Security Adviser Brent Scowcroft (who says we?d never nuke Canada because "we don?t want what they have"), former CIA Director James Woolsey (who tries to clear up Ali G?s confusion between John F. Kennedy and J.R. Ewing), and Kofi Annan?s predecessor at the U.N., whom Ali G overenthusiastically introduces as "Boutros Boutros Boutros Boutros-Ghali" and asks, "Which is da funniest language?"

As Sullum says, just like Stuttering John, the more successful he becomes, the sooner he'll have to give it up.

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I love the old Ali G show.

I love the old Ali G show. One of my favorite skits was the one with the NRA spokesperson. Ali G asks her about the 1 gun per month rule and she gives the usual about how it is unConstitutional. He responds that he agrees because last year when he bought his niece a rifle for Christmas he couldn't get one for his nephew and it caused him all kinds of family trouble.

As he got more popular he couldn't book the high-profile guests. Now I have to watch Crank Yankers!