Cut the deck

Looking around the sports landscape lately, it appears that playing the race card has heated up in recent times. Months ago, the Detroit Lions were made to look as villians for tabbing caucasian-born Steve Mariucci for their next head coach. In addition, Venus and Serena Williams' father has gone on quite a tear playing the race card in full force in describing the current climate of womens' tennis. Now we hear from major league baseball players, such as Gary Sheffield, claiming Sammy Sosa has been given disproportionate attention for the corked bat issue because of race.

The race card is being dealt with such vigor, that it will certainly water down or dilute a situation whereas real racism may exist. The racism motif being used in these recent sports examples will likely do more to create friction, simply because many of the charges are created fiction.

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Minor quibble- Steve

Minor quibble- Steve Mariucci is caucasian. Unless he was born in Georgia, Armenia, or Azerbaijan (or Chechnya, I suppose), he's not really "caucasian-born".