Buffy S3 review: "Two slayers, no waiting"

Disclaimer: one fan's opinion.

Season 3 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer is considered the best by many fans, and it's certainly the most consistently good. The first few episodes are a little rocky, as the writers struggle to put back all the pieces of Buffy's life they merrily threw in the air at the end of the second season. But by the time we get to the fifth episode Homecoming, a marvelous Buffy/Cordelia bitchfest that turns into an action extravaganza, the show is running on all cylinders, and there are but minor dips in quality for the rest of the season.

So what's so good about season three? For starters, great new characters: second slayer Faith, wild girl who provides the yang to Buffy's yin; Mr. Trick, the vampire answer to Shaft; Anya, a vengeance demon who gets trapped in the persona of a high school girl when her powers get stripped from her; and the Mayor, an old fashioned kind of guy who loves cleanliness, miniature golf, and demonic rituals. There's also the usual witty dialogue, good action sequences, gross monsters, and wonderful characterizations. The show might even make one nostalgic for high school, with plotlines centered around such typical high school experiences as Homecoming, Prom, graduation day, plots to kill the student body, vampire dopplegangers, and giant demonic snakes.

Conclusion: the dvd box set is reasonably priced, and is chock full of goodness. Buy it!

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