Ego spike

Washington Post TV columnist Lisa de Moraes (who, I confess, I usually loathe) has an amusing column about Spike Lee's injuction against cable channel TNN, who are planning to change their name to Spike TV. I guess there's room for only one Spike in Spike Lee's world. Here's an excerpt:

And did you know that a baby horse is called a "foal," but a baby mackerel is called a "spike" (or, sometimes, a "blinker")?

I wonder if Mr. Lee knows this. He should sue them, too.

And music-video-maker-turned-filmmaker Spike Jonze. Lee should definitely sue him; Jonze probably has a lot of money.

And the creep who named those pointy things on the bottom of baseball shoes.

And Spike, the brother of Snoopy, who was introduced by Charles Schulz in 1975 -- without getting Lee's permission.

But what would Spike the vampire do?

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When I read about this a few

When I read about this a few days ago, I just had to laugh out loud. Spike Lee's ego is going to become the new focal point for the Earth to revolve around if it gets any bigger.

Most likely this will get thrown out of court. First off, it's not his real name. Secondly, there was a court similar to this over a website ( that was at the time being run by a gamer who went by Sting online. The artist Sting (Gordon Sumner) tried to buy the site from him, and when the gamer wouldn't sell, Gordon sued for the site. He lost. The Judge's comments were along the lines that the word Sting is a common english word, and he doesn't own that word (well, that and the other guy was going by Sting also, but I degress). I think something similar will happen, that it will get thrown out because the word "spike" in the dictionary doesn't just have a picture of Spike Lee and that's it.

Right, everyone knows that

Right, everyone knows that his real name is Mars Blackman.