Meddling north of the border

From a news release not too long ago...

The Bush administration is hinting that it could make it more difficult for Canadian goods to get into this country if Canada's Parliament moves ahead with a proposal to drop criminal penalties for possession of small amounts of marijuana.

The proposal, part of an effort to overhaul Canada's anti-drug policies, essentially would treat most marijuana smokers there the same as people who get misdemeanor traffic tickets. Violators would be ticketed and would have to pay a small fine, but they no longer would face jail time.

Two things glaringly wrong here:

1. The government meddling in free trade and commerce to 'punish' another country's domestic actions (and punishing the American consumer in the process).

2. While I don't personally partake in the activity, decriminalizing marijuana - 'Euro-style' - would be a good idea here. It (a) respects the choice of an individual to take a risk with his/her own body, as long as they do take responsibility for whatever actions stem from this, (b) saves the US taxpayer tons of money on police and legal resources tracking down people inhaling, (c) avoids throwing non-violent people in cells with violent criminals like murderers and rapists, and (d) cuts down on needless loss of police officers' lives.

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If it wasn't for those

If it wasn't for those meddling kids and their dog, I would have gotten away with it...

Sorry, had to be done because of the title.

From the article: >>>In

From the article:

>>>In December, U.S. anti-drug czar John Walters stumped across Canada, criticizing the decriminalization plan. <<<

Has anyone heard the position called 'anti-drug czar' before? (rather than simply 'drug czar')

I have heard Barry McCaffrey

I have heard Barry McCaffrey called that a few times by the media.

That's a shame. I've always

That's a shame. I've always liked the phrase 'drug czar.' It always brought a lurid image to my mind of what he might be doing with all those drugs. Like that scene at the end of Scarface, where Al Pacino is burrowing his head into a mountain of coke...