Laughing at newspapers

Aussie journalist Tim Blair has got lots of good stuff up, including this amusing newspaper blooper where, according to the Guardian, anti-US sentiment in the Muslim world is both waning and at an all-time high.

Also, check out the amazing story of an Australian contraceptive that causes pregnancy!

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Good link. Another very

Good link. Another very interesting link within the link is the full report on the study:

Check out the different graphs and charts, and some are very telling.

Here's an excerpt regarding the absence of personal responsibility that I think is quite obvious from the get-go:

>> "Americans are much more likely than Europeans to believe that most people who fail in life have them-selves to blame, rather than society."

The writer also wisely pointed out how publications like the Guardian pick n' choose survey results to paint the US in a certain light. For instance, will the following finding see the light of day in many mainstream publications?

>> "As was the case in 1991, the American public has a more favorable view of ethnic and racial minorities than do Western European publics. African Americans and Hispanics are viewed much more positively in the U.S. than are Turks in Germany, North Africans in France, and Albanians in Italy."