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Welcome Mises Blog readers! We hope you enjoy your time here. Although we strive to spread the great ideas of Austrian economics at a faculty on par with the Mises Institute, our aim is directed toward the common man - the type that watches Buffy the Vampire Slayer, enjoys the pageantry of college football, listens to British pop radio, reads science fiction, and eagerly awaits the next installment of American Idol. There are not any economics PhDs contributing to this blog, only curious minds who consider ourselves students of the Austrian school.

Any semblance of professionalism is purely accidental.

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Hey Jonathan, do you watch

Hey Jonathan, do you watch American Idol? If so, have you been to Television Without Pity? They have very funny recaps of the show over there.

Yeah, I do. Religiously.

Yeah, I do. Religiously. I'll have to check out Television Without Pity.