<i>Buffy</i> S2 Review: Can I get a "hell yeah?"

Disclaimer: See S1 review

S2: Still more episodic than later seasons, but for the most part, the monster of the week episodes are better done than their season one counterparts: funnier, faster-paced, and with greatly improved fight scenes. The only MOTW episodes this season that really fell flat for me were Some Assembly Required and Killed by Death.

Now for the good stuff: the remaining bad guy from the first season, the Annoying- er, Annointed One, is dispatched early on in a hilariously offhand manner. Three great new secondary characters are introduced: Oz, Spike and Drusilla, the latter two taking over villainy duties for the season. The three main scoobs (Buffy, Xander and Willow) get involved in three very different serious dating relationships for the first time. Through it all, the dialogue shines, sparkles, glitters and gleams. Even the weaker episodes have multiple great scenes, and the stronger episodes are good from beginning to end.

The first half is very good, but the second half is where the show really fires on all cylinders. Buffy celebrates her 17th birthday by sleeping with her vampire boyfriend Angel for the first time. Naturally, he wakes up evil (stoopid curse), and he spends the remaining episodes trying to make Buffy's life miserable, while Buffy tries to work up the nerve to kill her ex. The spectacular season finale finds Buffy expelled from school, wanted by the police, and thrown out of her house while she desperately tries to save the world...

Conclusion: Buy the dvds. Better yet, buy lots of sets and give them to all of your friends. Wonderful stuff. Bloody fantastic!

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