Michael Totten on "The Hindsight Effect"

(via PrestoPundit)

Michael Totten, over at TCS, tackles some of the big Iraq questions of the day, such as:

"Why haven't we found WMD?"
"Did Bush Lie?"
"Why would Saddam act as he did, if he did not have WMD?"

Interesting speculation, but I wonder about this quote:

The reasons wars begin do not always matter. What counts in the end are results. Even those who hate George Bush, who hate the United States, who accuse the Administration of cranking out lies, even they, in time, will think differently about this war. Animosity toward Bush will fade, as it always does when presidents leave office. Saddam Hussein will always live in infamy.

Surely the last line is not in doubt, but will those who hate George Bush et al. truly think differently about this war in time? I doubt that. It is not as though those that were opposed to the Kosovo war now like the intervention. It is one thing to say that the results haven't been terrible (or indeed, have worked out well for at least one ethnic group (forget about the innocent Serbs living in Kosovo, they don't count...)), quite another to say that since things aren't terrible now in the aftermath, the intervention was justified. I'm sure that the people who opposed Iraq will come to this way of thinking, too.

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