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What do I make of things when Kevin Drum (left-illiberal) is in favor of FCC deregulation, while Glenn Reynolds (right-liberal) is against FCC de-reg?

I'm sure there is more to it than meets the eye at the moment, but this is more of a hit and run, "doesn't that look odd on the surface" type moment. Heh.

(and no, I don't know what to think about it either at the moment- simply because something is called 'de-regulation' doesn't make it so, witness California's electricity industry.)

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"Illiberal"? Don't worry,

"Illiberal"? Don't worry, I'm not taking offense or anything, I'm just curious what you mean by this. I assume it's related to my taste for regulated capitalism as opposed to the libertarian kind?

Hey, thanks for stopping by

Hey, thanks for stopping by our little abode. ^_^

In short, yes, but (as with most answers from libertarians) it's a bit more complicated than that. Basically, the traditional term of liberal(coined waaay back in the day) meant someone who was for freeing people from government intervention and regulation, vs. the conservatives who wished to maintain a tightly regulated society.

Unfortunately, sometime around the beginning of the 20th century, 'Liberal' morphed into essentially meaning 'technocrat/socialist'; the term was hijacked from its previous meaning of wishing greater freedom of civil society vs. the state.

So I mean to try and take the word back, since, among other reasons, everyone admits that 'libertarian' is a rather clunky descriptor, and 'liberal' (who's Latin root is 'Freedom', IIRC, or something similar) fits the bill best. I understand that 'illiberal' is kind of inflamatory, but it seems like the most accurate term in relation to my project to reclaim 'liberal'.

The non-hard leftist impulse is different than the conservative impulse, and 'Statist' can describe both conservatives/rightists and leftists, so I felt the left leaning pro-state philosophy/ideology deserved a different moniker.
Also, I want to reserve 'socialist' for the really hard lefties, rather than let it's impact be diluted by describing all statists as such (since I think 'socialist' should be a derogatory term, but that's just me).