Price the HMO Challenge

As expected, the new Massachusetts health insurance law has resulted in my non-group Harvard Pilgrim plan being eliminated. I will be required to choose a new plan beginning on July 1st. Perhaps naively, I think that it is possible that a new plan may end up with lower monthly premiums and overall costs.

I expect that I will receive rate information on the various HMO choices in the mail in the middle of next week.

The challenge is to predict the monthly premiums for a single, 60 year old male, with prescription drug coverage, for each (or any) of the eight HMO choices described in the link below. Also predict the plan that I will/should choose. For reference, my current non-deductible plan would likely fall into the $900/month range if it were renewed.

See page 2 of this pdf file.

For readability, use the 'fit width' option and expand the browser window to the full screen.

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